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    Musique : Apart - Lacrimosa

    "So - you - say - that
    I - shall - try - to go on

    I've seen your eyes
    They shine like stars to me
    And then I see your soul
    An empty hall

    I feel like
    Being a part of something
    Something I was always
    Trying to achiev

    I've seen your ways
    They sometimes take me
    By surprise
    And then I see your aim
    A lurid lunatic

    Touching you is like
    Touching a flame
    I feel like giving in

    And I need love
    Like I never needed before...
    And I need love
    Like I never needed before..."

    "My hope shall guide me
    Through the nights without you
    And the love shall carry me
    When the pain ends all hopes"

    Reflexion : Ces mains prient pour la paix .... Ces mains sont ligotées!
    Cette bouche implore pitié .... Cette bouche parle de faute!
    Cet homme se brise et meurt .... Cet homme vivra!
    Ces yeux l'ont vu .... Pourtant ces yeux osent se fermer!
    Et le sang coule à flots....
    Et le silence devient insupportable....

                                                      Que faire?

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