• the promise

    Musique : The Promise - Within Temptation

    On behalf of her love
    She no longer sleeps
    Life no longer had meaning
    Nothing to make her stay
    She sold her soul away
    I held you tight to me
    But you slipped away
    You promised to return to me
    And I believed, I believed
    After the night he died
    I wept my tears until they dried 
    But the pain stayed the same
    I didn't want him to die all in vain
    I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
    I'll make them bleed at my feet
    Sometimes I wonder
    Could I have known their true intensions?
    As the pain stayed the same
    I'm going to haunt them down all the way
    I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
    One by one they were surprised

  • Commentaires

    Mardi 13 Juillet 2004 à 12:03
    Within Temptaion! J'aime ces mots là! J'aime Mother Earth je ne me lasse pas de l'écouter. Thanks for all :) Mel..
    Mardi 13 Juillet 2004 à 12:17
    Ah la vache, de quoi elles causent? La Marie elle aurait chanté ça? Elle était cablée dis donc.
    Mercredi 14 Juillet 2004 à 20:34
    tres jolie chanson...
    la nymphe
    Jeudi 12 Août 2004 à 12:09
    après Nightwish...
    après Nightwish... Within Temptation !!! décidément ! J'adore Dee^p Within de Within Temptation (enter) c'est ma préférée :$
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